Speedocheck Odometer Certification

For most of us, the odometer reading on a used vehicle is one of the first things that we will check. The odometer reading has a signicant effect on the value of the vehicle and is an indication to the future cost of servicing and repair.  The Speedocheck decal and certificate (as well as the data available on this website) is our guarantee to you that the vehicle has been checked in a professional manner and provides assurance to you about likely reliability and cost of maintenance.

Speedocheck (previously Optimech) is the leader in odometer certification.  We were the first company in the world to be able to certify digital odometers and continue to find new innovative techniques to detect tampering.  By purchasing a vehicle with a certified odometer you are helping to stamp out odometer fraud.
  • Speedocheck (previously Optimech) is a company founded in New Zealand
  • Each inspection consists of a detailed 20-point check of the vehicle instrument system including a strip down examination and inter-auction check for mileage discrepancy.
  • Speedocheck is totally impartial and are not affiliated to any dealer
  • Once inspected by Speedocheck, the vehicle odometer is sealed with a unique number and a certificate including the odometer reading is produced.
  • The data is recorded in a comprehensive database and available for viewing on this website.
  • Speedocheck is a registered company so you are protected by consumer protection legislation.
  • Not all vehicles can be odometer certified.  We have thoroughly researched and tested and found certain models cannot be inspected, however some companies operating in Japan are claiming to certify vehicles that cannot be guaranteed by forensic methods.
  • All our work is guaranteed and you can buy with complete confidence.
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